Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

Friday, June 30, 2017

9 Best-Selling Beach Reads from the 1960s

One of the great pleasures of summer is curling up with a juicy page-turner on the sand. There's a reason they call certain books "beach reads." No decade was more beach obsessed than the 1960s, when surf music rocked the radio and Annette Funicello did the bingo on her beach blanket. 
However, our taste in literature that decade was far more highbrow. Names like J.D. Salinger, Saul Bellow, John le CarrĂ©, Chaim Potok, Gore Vidal and William Faulkner filled Publishers Weekly's Top 10 bestsellers charts in the 1960s, while few authors could match the selling power of James A. Michener's epics. But there was definitely some sugar mixed in with the fiber of our literary diet.
We looked through the New York Times Best Seller Lists for Fiction from the summer months of the 1960s to find some beach books that modern readers might want to dig up.
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